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Finding The Best Accommodation In Tel Aviv

tel aviv accomodation

Finding The Best Accommodation In Tel Aviv

tel aviv accomodation
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Looking for exceptional Tel Aviv accomodation? It is no surprise that Tel Aviv is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. It is a city with a rich history that spans billions of years, is home to hundreds of different cultural contexts, is brimming with energy, is popping up with fresh additions and concepts and is exquisitely situated on the Mediterranean Sea. There are plenty of reasons to visit Tel Aviv because it offers something for everyone, including delightful cuisine, attractions, shopping, and, most notably, nightlife and tourism! Therefore, the actual question is how to organize your vacation to make the most of your getaway, and it all starts with choosing a place to stay!

You can learn all about Tel Aviv’s various neighborhoods from our guide to the best places to stay there. From the tayelet, which is the coastal strip, to Jaffa, in the south, and everywhere else in between. The fact that Tel Aviv is a relatively small city should be considered when choosing a place to stay. Because of this, 90% of hotels are within 15–30 minutes by cab or 30–45 minutes by bicycle. Anywhere you go, you can be certain that you won’t be far from the attractions wherever you stay in Tel Aviv. Join a walking tour of the city to gain a thorough understanding of its layout. You’ll soon be moving around like a local.


 The Best areas for Accommodation in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv City Centre

Finding accommodation in Tel Aviv will be the first item on the list because, once you get everything sorted out, you can really explore the city conveniently from this location. Many hotels provide their own transfer buses to pick you up and drop you off at the airport, and there are many cabs and buses that can take you to other sections of the city. There are also excellent shuttle services to Ben Gurion Airport. Be prepared to allow security guards to search your luggage and belongings in markets, shopping centers, bus stations, cafés, restaurants, and nightclubs because they are highly strict. Tel Aviv is considered a safe city, and the city center is by far the safest neighborhood.



Jaffa, which is a very safe region and is well linked to the rest of Tel Aviv, is in high demand among travelers who want to stay since it symbolizes the historic city center and port area. The majority of the city’s Arab residents live in Jaffa, which was previously the primary town for a number of the country’s earliest settlers. There are many sights to visit, such as churches, cathedrals, fortifications, bridges, gates, and numerous tiny, winding cobblestone lanes.


Kerem HaTeimanim

The most picturesque area of Tel Aviv and a terrific spot to stay is the Yemenite Quarter. The sea is extremely close to several of the smaller hotels. If you prefer peace and quiet to the bustling activity of neighboring Allenby Street and the Carmel Market, there is a maze of twisting, little alleyways to explore. Numerous tiny studios with gifted young artisans producing handicrafts and vivid fabrics can be found. 

The Yemenite Quarter, also known as “Kerem HaTeimanim,” is renowned across the city for its many wonderful tiny eateries serving traditional Yemenite Jewish meals at surprisingly affordable prices. It is genuine, modest, and full of character.


Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek lies in the south of the metropolis and is on the Mediterranean coast, making it the ideal area to stay. It is artsy, stylish, and becoming more and more fashionable. Shabazi Street serves as the town’s major artery. Neve Tzadek is a charming oasis in the city with little alleyways and oriental building features to admire. For the region to be revitalized (1960–1980), there are many chic, pastel-colored residences with modern architecture, and real estate in this area is much sought after.


Why you should book accommodation in Tel Aviv 

Activities in Tel Aviv

  • Since Tel Aviv is filled with activities and attractions, it’s crucial to research what’s around before making a hotel reservation so you can cross everything off your checklist! A requirement while visiting one of the top 10 beach locations in the world is to stay along the shore. The city’s oceanic events can be easily accessed, and the promenade offers a convenient means of transportation.
  • The promenade is a very secure and beautiful walkway that continues all the way down into the unmistakable city of Jaffa. There are many great hotels located along the beachfront. One of the most popular is Carlton Tel Aviv, which offers stunning views and easy access to attractions like Jaffa Port, Old Town and the Carmel market.  For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, there are also several hostels located near the beach. 

No matter what type of accommodation you choose, make sure it’s close to all of your desired activities and attractions. With so much to do in Tel Aviv, it’s important to take full advantage of your time here!


High-Quality Restaurants

Finding which hotel offers the most diverse selection of top-notch restaurants around is essential with wonderful eateries that specialize in vegan, kosher, vegetarian, Mediterranean, café, and more. The region with the best and most varied restaurants is on the center portion of the beachfront, despite the fact that there are incredible restaurants throughout the city. We recommend Beit Thailandi and Bar51. 


Tel Aviv’s Nightlife

Once more, Tel Aviv’s beach has the city’s greatest nightlife. Shalvata, Port, and Lighthouse are waiting for you if you want a fun evening out at a nightclub. If a bar is more your thing, you may have the time of your life at Minzar, Alma Beach, or even LaMer if a tranquil hookah lounge is more your thing. No matter what you’re into, Tel Aviv’s beaches have something for everyone. Whether it’s a lively night out with friends or a more relaxed evening spent enjoying the views of the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv offers an unforgettable experience.

 The city’s most popular beaches at night are Gordon Beach and Hilton Beach. Gordon Beach has a lively atmosphere with a DJ spinning tunes, beach bars and restaurants, including live events. Hilton Beach is more laid back and offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea as well as a variety of restaurants. There are also several smaller beaches around Tel Aviv, such as Bograshov Beach, Jerusalem Beach, and Frishman Beach. These beaches offer a more relaxed atmosphere for those looking for a quieter experience. Whatever your preference may be, Tel Aviv’s beaches offer something for everyone!



Tel Aviv has a very low crime rate in comparison to many other cities, particularly those in the United States. Nevertheless, it is always essential to ensure the neighborhood you stay in is as secure as possible. Any of the more well-known neighborhoods in the city, such as Neve Tzedek, Rothschild, Florentine, or any location along the beachfront, would qualify as one of these districts.


Setting Business Priorities

Setting business priorities is an important step to make sure your organization runs smoothly and effectively. One way to do this is to have regular business meetings, which will allow people to discuss plans and goals for the future. When setting up these meetings, it’s important to choose a comfortable place where everyone can relax and focus on the discussion at hand. It could be a local cafe, a rented office room, or even someone’s home if that works better for everyone involved. Making sure there’s enough space in the room and finding a suitable location will help ensure that all participants feel comfortable during the meeting, thus allowing them to concentrate on what’s being discussed in order to set achievable goals and plan out successful strategies. After all, if you want your business to succeed, it needs good planning and productive working sessions!

Finding the ideal hotel is crucial for any business effort. The secret to achievement in business is to locate a hotel that shares your passion for achievement. This is true of all of Tel Aviv’s Luxe hotels, practically all of which feature specific business and conference spaces. 


The BY14 Hotel is your next accommodation in Tel Aviv 

BY14 is the ideal option if you want to have a business trip and experience the spirit of Tel Aviv. A classic Tel Aviv location at 14 Ben Yehuda Street, the hotel, which was newly rebuilt with modern and appealing decor, is only a 5-minute walk from the sea and promenade, top restaurants and cafés, and everything worth visiting and doing in Tel Aviv.

Want a break from running errands and going to meetings? The hotel offers countless facilities and a relaxing atmosphere for your stay.

If you need to extend your stay due to business, you can come and talk to us at the lobby desk and we will help you.  We understand that business travel can be unpredictable and we are always willing to help you find a solution. We may be able to extend your stay at the same rate or offer you a discounted rate for an extended stay.

At our hotel, we have a breakfast and dinner menu if you don’t feel like going out to eat.



Is there an option to do business events at the BY14 Hotel?

Yes, business conferences only. You need to call our hotel and check if the date you require is available and we will check and get back to you with a price.

What type of food is at the BY14 restaurant?

The food at the hotel is prepared freshly every day from fresh ingredients. The menu is made up from classic mediterranean dishes that will give you the full Israeli culinery experience. You may start your day with a variety of exceptional omelets and a variety of toppings at the hotel restaurant, as well as antipasti and salads, fresh bread, dips and spreads, superb coffee, tea, cold beverages and mouth-watering pastries.

Where is the hotel located?

The hotel is located at 14 Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv. A prime position in the heart of Tel Aviv, a 5-minute walk from the sea and promenade, top eateries, and all the city's attractions.


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