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Delicious and Diverse: Recommended Breakfasts in Tel Aviv

Recommended Breakfasts in Tel Aviv

Delicious and Diverse: Recommended Breakfasts in Tel Aviv

Recommended Breakfasts in Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv is a city brimming with food culture, and breakfast is no exception. A significant meal of the day, breakfast in Tel Aviv typically features an array of colorful ingredients and flavors. If you’re looking to experience recommended breakfasts in Tel Aviv, then BY14 Hotel should be your central hub.

BY14 Hotel provides a comfortable and convenient location for breakfast enthusiasts who want to explore the city’s range of breakfast options. From traditional Israeli breakfasts to cozy cafes and bakeries, Tel Aviv has an exciting breakfast culture that will leave every traveler wanting more.

The Top Recommended Breakfasts in Tel Aviv: Breakfast at BY14 Hotel

Start your morning in Tel Aviv with a visit to Café 14, the hotel restaurant at BY14. Here, breakfast is an event to savor, served directly to your table with a host of delicious options to choose from. Let the tantalizing aroma of omelets, expertly prepared by our onsite chef, entice your senses. Customize your omelet with toppings of your choice, and pair it with a selection of antipasti, fresh breads, dips and spreads, and a crisp vegetable salad. To round off the meal, indulge in our scrumptious cakes, and savor a cup of excellent coffee or tea, or choose from our variety of cold drinks. Café 14’s breakfast offers a culinary experience that sets the tone for the rest of your day exploring Tel Aviv.

Traditional Israeli Breakfasts: A Must-Try Experience

Israeli breakfast is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. The classic Israeli breakfast typically includes eggs, fresh tomato & cucumber salad, labneh (strained yogurt), olive oil, assorted cheeses, hummus, tahini, and bread. Here are some of the recommended breakfasts in Tel Aviv near the BY14 Hotel for an authentic Israeli breakfast:

  • Café Mersand:  Café Mersand is just a 14-minute walk away from BY14 Hotel and is famous for its authentic Israeli breakfast. With its vintage charm and extensive breakfast menu, it’s certainly a spot that breakfast lovers should not miss.
  • Benedict: A short 10-minute walk from the hotel, Benedict is a renowned restaurant that serves breakfast around the clock. Its menu features a variety of Israeli breakfast options, including their “Benedict Breakfast” that comes with eggs, salads, dips, bread, and fresh juice.
  • Café Xoho: Situated within a 15-minute walking distance from BY14, Café Xoho is well known for its fresh, homemade bagels and vegan options. Don’t miss their version of the Israeli breakfast which includes eggs, salad, cream cheese, and a choice of a bagel or bread.
  • Delicatessen: A gourmet food shop and restaurant in one, Delicatessen is a 20-minute walk from BY14 Hotel. Their Israeli breakfast features an array of local cheeses, eggs of any style, and a basket of fresh bread.
  • Shakshukia: Just 12 minutes away by foot, Shakshukia specializes in the namesake dish, Shakshuka, a traditional Israeli breakfast dish of poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce.

Cafés and Bakeries: Tel Aviv’s Casual Breakfast Spots

Besides Israeli breakfasts, Tel Aviv’s vibrant culinary culture also offers plenty of cafes and bakeries that serve up mouth-watering breakfast options. The city’s cafes are known for their unique and artisanal specialties, from freshly baked bread and croissants to delicious sandwiches and creative toppings.

If you’re up for trying some of Tel Aviv’s best bakeries and cafes, we recommend the following:

  • Lehamim Bakery: Just a 5-minute walk from BY14 Hotel, Lehamim Bakery is known for its delicious pastries and bread, including their famous chocolate babka. They also serve a variety of breakfast dishes, such as shakshuka and French toast.
  • Boulangerie: A short 10-minute walk from the hotel, Boulangerie is a charming French-style bakery that serves up some of the best croissants in Tel Aviv. Pair your flaky pastry with their savory breakfast options like quiche or omelets.
  • Anita: Located within 20-minute walking distance from BY14 Hotel, Anita is an iconic café known for its freshly brewed coffee and homemade pastries. Their breakfast menu includes classic options like granola and yogurt, as well as more unique dishes like shakshuka quiche.
  • Cafe Louise: Only a 15-minute walk from BY14 Hotel, Cafe Louise is a cozy spot perfect for enjoying a leisurely breakfast. They offer a variety of egg dishes, sandwiches, and salads, all made


Tel Aviv’s breakfast scene offers an endless array of delicious options, and you’d be remiss not to experience it fully. Whether you want to indulge in a hearty Israeli breakfast, sip coffee at one of the city’s trendy cafes, or enjoy the comfort of your hotel’s breakfast, Tel Aviv has something for everyone. For the best in hotel breakfast and a convenient starting point for your breakfast adventure, BY14 Hotel stands out as a prime location to savor these recommended breakfasts in Tel Aviv.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular breakfast dishes in Tel Aviv?

Some of the most popular breakfast dishes in Tel Aviv include Shakshuka, a dish of poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce; a selection of Israeli salads with fresh vegetables; and the classic Israeli breakfast which typically features eggs, bread and cheeses.

Can you find international breakfast options in Tel Aviv, or are they mostly local?

In Tel Aviv, you can certainly find a wide range of international breakfast options alongside local Israeli fare. The city's diverse culinary scene includes cafes and restaurants serving American-style pancakes, French pastries, Italian espresso, and much more.

What are the average costs of a breakfast meal in Tel Aviv?

The cost of a breakfast meal in Tel Aviv varies widely depending on the venue, but on average, you can expect to pay between 50 to 120 Israeli Shekels per person. Upscale restaurants or hotel breakfasts might charge more, while casual cafes might fall on the lower end of the range.

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