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The Ultimate Travelers Guide to Places to Stay in Tel Aviv’s

Hotels in tel aviv

The Ultimate Travelers Guide to Places to Stay in Tel Aviv’s

Hotels in tel aviv
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Tel Aviv is the jewel in Israel’s crown, and you can experience the very best blend of all this exciting city has to offer at the BY14 Hotel. Enjoy stylish rooms, chic interiors, a world-class restaurant, a gym and sauna with every facility for the business or leisure traveler. The Ying to Tel Aviv’s Yang, the BY14 Hotel, offers the perfect relaxing atmosphere and tranquil ambience with warm personal service. Beautifully located in the heart of this cosmopolitan city, explore the urban vibe, soak up centuries of culture and heritage or enjoy the stunning oceanside, just a 5-minute walk away.

Like many vibrant cities, there are plenty of diverse places to stay in Tel Aviv, with various accommodation choices for every type of traveler. Visitors can choose from a range of luxury and boutique hotels in Tel Aviv’s center or Mediterranean oceanside. Why not opt for a converted apartment or Airbnb rental?

Tel Aviv is known for being a city of style and glamor, but there are plenty of economical options for people traveling on a budget. Stay with a family in a local Tel Aviv neighborhood or suburban area for a completely immersive experience, or book a room in a friendly hostel.

Read our essential guide to Tel Aviv accommodation and places to stay before you click ‘book now’.


Different Types of Accommodation in Tel Aviv 

Tel Aviv provides accommodation for every type of visitor, whether you are planning a sensational luxury holiday, a romantic getaway, a backpacking tour of the city on a budget or a business trip. It’s hard to stay in the wrong place in Tel Aviv as wherever you lay your head, there’s easy access to all areas, so while picking your neighborhood is important, choosing the right place to stay in Tel Aviv is the real key.

Before narrowing your search, here’s what’s available in Israel’s largest metropolitan city.

  • Choose from one of many city center hotels in Tel Aviv, including luxury five-star accommodation with every amenity or the unique and original style of one of Tel Aviv’s boutique hotels
  • Luxuriate in a Tel Aviv hotel on the beach and enjoy the delights of Tel Aviv’s stunning seascape, ten miles of glorious golden sand with sixteen different beaches
  • Professional travelers can choose from a variety of business hotels in Tel Aviv. Impress clients and colleagues with stylish living and luxury dining, or go outside the box with a distinctive boutique hotel offering unique interiors and warm, personalized service 
  • Try a range of historic city center buildings which have been converted into luxury apartments and boutique hotels to suit all pockets
  • Book an Airbnb for the freedom of a vacation rental
  • Stay in a friendly hostel with some great locations like Florentin, right at the heart of Tel Aviv’s urban attractions and only a kilometre from the beach
  • Choose a pod. These unique compact spaces offer maximum quality and minimum cost with shared communal facilities and are perfect for travelers who will be out in the city all day and night or on the beach
  • Stay in a family-run hotel, or for the ultimate immersive accommodation experience in Tel Aviv, organize a homestay with a Tel Aviv family who will welcome you into their lives


Finding the Right Location for Your Tel Aviv Accommodation

This is a compact city, so it’s hard to make a wrong decision when looking for places to stay in Tel Aviv. However, the location does influence the style of the accommodation in Tel Aviv, and a little prior research will help you make the best decision.

  • City center hotels are great for the main Tel Aviv attractions. There’s wall-to-wall retail, including high-end shops and local authentic Israeli outlets and markets, plus a party and late-night scene that means you won’t go to bed until dawn! One of the most popular areas is White City, home to Allenby Street and Rothschild Boulevard; there are plenty of hotels and other accommodation in this part of Tel Aviv
  • Choose a city center or beachside hotel if you want luxury and amenities. These have rooftop pools and international cuisine in a range of restaurants, gyms and spas, perfect for a romantic break or to impress business guests
  • Local suburban areas and authentic Tel Aviv neighborhoods sit a little away from the central Tel Aviv attractions but offer a great base to explore the city and a way to experience real life in Tel Aviv. This immersive accommodation is available for a range of budgets
  • The older parts of Tel Aviv, like Jaffa, are unique places to stay if you want to explore the local culture. There are historic buildings converted into boutique hotels and apartments. Spend lazy days browsing around the vintage shops, museums and art galleries, interspersed with a break at one of the many local cafes and bars
  • It’s hard to resist the stunning seascape of Tel Aviv, and there is lots of accommodation oceanside which still offers easy access to the central urban areas of the city. This is the ultimate combi of beachside and urban vacation

Whether your perfect place to stay in Tel Aviv is a hotel right at the heart of things, a glorious apartment overlooking the beach or a home from home in a local Tel Aviv neighborhood, this city will deliver the holiday of your dreams and on budget. One of the best Tel Aviv hotels for all types of travelers is the BY14, on hand for the best of the city’s attractions and with amenities and rates for every visitor. Make your hotel booking in Tel Aviv today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best areas to stay in Tel Aviv for the party scene and bars and clubs?

The coolest place in Tel Aviv to see and be seen is the area around Levontin and Rothschild Boulevard. This is the heart of Tel Aviv’s famous nightlife, with a range of clubs, bars and venues for every type of party animal.

What are the benefits of staying in Jaffa?

Whether you are looking for a business hotel in Tel Aviv, accommodation for a family holiday or a romantic short break with someone special, Jaffa has a seductive atmosphere and ambience all its own. This is the oldest part of Tel Aviv, the original port city with history and culture at every turn and an array of cafes, bars and restaurants, a famous flea market and local vintage shops. Jaffa also offers easy access to the primary urban center in Tel Aviv and the beach.

Is it easy to get around Tel Aviv to sightsee?

There are lots of different transport options in Tel Aviv, including a reliable and extensive network of buses, an efficient taxi service which is also still available on Shabat Day and a public bike service with around 150 different bike hubs around the city. Buy a Rav-Kay card which is a Smart card for the bus network. It makes travel economical.

Does everything close in Tel Aviv on Shabat Day?

Public transport does not run in Tel Aviv on Shabat Day, which is the Sabbath. However, taxis are still available, and the public bike service is. Bars and restaurants are closed mainly, but many reopen in the late afternoon.

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