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A gay traveller’s guide to the perfect holiday in Tel Aviv

Gay holiday in Tel Aviv

A gay traveller’s guide to the perfect holiday in Tel Aviv

Gay holiday in Tel Aviv
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The second-largest city in Israel, Tel Aviv, is a favorite stop for LGBTQ tourists from all over the world. Tel Aviv, which is well-known for its thriving nightlife, stunning beaches, and varied culture, has something to offer everyone.

Nachlaot is a neighborhood that is very well-liked by LGBTQ visitors to Tel Aviv. Many gay-owned bars, clubs, and cafes, as well as a sizable number of LGBTQQ-welcoming stores and businesses, can be found in this region. Evita, Tel Aviv’s most well-known gay club, is situated in Nachlaot and is a must-visit location for anybody interested in experiencing the city’s homosexual nightlife.

Hilton beach is another place where LGBTQQ tourists enjoy staying. Banana Beach, a well-known LGBTQ beach in this region, is a terrific spot to sunbathe, swim, and meet new people. The opulent Savoy Hotel, which is an excellent choice for people seeking a more luxurious experience, is one of the several gay-friendly hotels in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is recognized for its diverse cultural legacy in addition to its nightlife and beaches. Numerous art galleries and museums can be found in the city, such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which showcases the creations of many of Israel’s most illustrious artists. A must-see for anyone fascinated by history and archaeology is the old city of Jaffa, which is one of the city’s many historical attractions.

perfect holiday in Tel Aviv

Schedule your gay holiday for The Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade

One of the most well-known events on Tel Aviv’s gay calendar is the annual Pride Parade, which takes place in June. One of the largest and liveliest pride events in the world, the parade attracts hundreds of people and viewers from around the globe. The parade features a diverse range of balloons, entertainment, and acts and is a wonderful way to experience the lively and inviting atmosphere of the city.

The parade usually features a wide range of floats, performers, drag queens and kings, DJs, and more. The parade celebrates all aspects of the LGBTQ community with a variety of activities for participants and viewers. The parade is also an opportunity for members of the LGBTQ community to come together in solidarity and show their pride in being who they are.

In addition to the main event in June, there are plenty of other LGBTQ events taking place throughout the year in Tel Aviv. From film screenings to themed parties, night clubs, and art exhibitions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Tel Aviv Gay Nightlife

Gay visitors who wish to experience Tel Aviv’s best nightlife and culture have a lot to choose from. The beautiful beaches, vibrant LGBTQ community, and extensive cultural history of Tel Aviv make it a destination that shouldn’t be missed.. Some of the most famous gay clubs can be found in Tel Aviv, including Shpagat, D.T.M. Gay Bar, La Boheme, and many others. In fact, Tel Aviv is known as the “City that Never Sleeps” and is home to some of the top clubs and nightclubs in the world.

The LGBTQQ+ community can feel safe in Tel Aviv, which is yet another fantastic aspect of the city. In addition to being one of the most LGBTQQ-friendly cities in the world, Tel Aviv is known for its welcoming population. For LGBTQ travelers looking for a welcoming and secure environment, it, therefore, is an excellent destination.

A broad variety of activities are available for the LGBTQ community in Tel Aviv, in addition to its nightlife and cultural attractions. For instance, there are lots of gay-friendly gyms and spas in the city, as well as a range of outdoor pursuits including cycling, jogging, and walking. The well-known Carmel Market, which is a terrific spot to shop for gifts and sample regional street food, is located in the nearby city of Jaffa.

With so many upscale boutiques and designer stores, Tel Aviv is also renowned for its fantastic shopping. Numerous vintage and second hand shops, as well as apparel boutiques owned and operated by LGBTQ people, can be found in the city. An excellent area to shop for distinctive and fashionable clothing and accessories is the Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

Prepare yourself for a night that won’t be like any other when you get to the party’s location. Tel Aviv events are often big affairs, and one of the craziest spots is at the Bloq, a sizable stadium close to the city’s bus terminal. Be prepared for balagan because Israelis can have a good time like no other people in the world can. You can always find people dancing, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and just generally having a good time. 



Gay Beaches in Tel Aviv

The eclectic nightlife in Tel Aviv is only one of the many attractions that draw in millions of visitors every year. The city’s magnificent Mediterranean beaches have also won praise from across the globe. They have beautiful sands, sparkling lakes and an incredible quantity of gorgeous individuals lazing about in the sun.

There is an unofficial homosexual beach in Tel Aviv called Hilton Beach, and you are welcome at almost all of the city’s beaches. It is located just in front of the Hilton Tel Aviv. Although there are straight visitors to this beach as well, you can anticipate that most of them will be from the gay community. To enjoy the sun, sand, and surf, single males, couples, and groups of friends all converge on Hilton Beach.

The busiest days at Hilton Beach are often Fridays and Saturdays, that’s the Israeli weekend. Avoid going to Hilton Beach on the weekends and go on a weekday if you don’t want to flirt or socialize. When the beach is sufficiently deserted, you may concentrate your efforts on swimming and soaking up the sun.

The Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv is only a short taxi ride from any place in the city. You can also take a short stroll to the beach if you’re staying in the heart of Tel Aviv. 


Tel Aviv’s acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community

Without a question, when it comes to tolerating and embracing LGBT individuals, Israel is taking the lead in the Middle East. In Israel, being gay is completely legal. Additionally, the general population has a definite good attitude toward LGBT rights. Even though prejudice is always conceivable (yet incredibly rare), you are not likely to suffer more than the odd careless remark or snide glance.

It is reasonable to claim that most restaurants, bars, cafés, and shops in Tel Aviv are gay-friendly, including all of the city’s hotels and those that tourists are most likely to visit. Travelers who identify as openly LGBT are likewise welcome on ordinary tours of Israel and are not required to join distinct groups. However, during Pride Week, special LGBT pride trips are provided.

The LGBT community is outspoken against PDA and is particularly prominent in Tel Aviv. It’s normal to see homosexual couples and families walking side by side with straight ones on Ben Tsion Boulevard, for instance, if you love an evening stroll along that street. Based on what area of the city you’re in, genderqueer couples are virtually as common as heterosexual ones.

The finest aspect of Tel Aviv’s tolerance of homosexuality is that Israelis are frequently extremely forthright about their emotions for you. If an Israeli is interested in you, you’ll find out pretty fast, unlike in other cities where you could spend hours debating whether they are or are not. If they are, they could just sit down at your table with you.

There are very few gay-friendly places in the world and possibly none in the Middle East that can compare to Tel Aviv for the gay nightlife, gay beaches, gay pride, or simply to enjoy the companionship of other gay people.


Gay holidays and accommodations in Tel Aviv

There are many hotels and guesthouses that accept LGBTQ guests, as well as holiday homes and apartment rentals, in Tel Aviv. Since many of these lodging options are situated in Tel Aviv’s downtown, tourists may easily explore the culture there.

The BY14 Hotel is perfect for your gay holiday in Tel Aviv 

The brand-new, cutting-edge BY14 hotel has 108 guest rooms and an ideal working environment. The Tel Aviv promenade and beaches, as well as the city’s most well-known streets, are close to BY14. An ideal location (no need for a car!!!) to book and is not far from the Nachalat Binyamin market, Sheinkin Street, The Carmel Market, Dizengoff Centre, and renowned Rothschild Boulevard cafés and restaurants. Please note that the BY14 hotel is for individuals aged 21 years old and above.  

At the BY14 hotel, we support the LGBTQ community. Some of our own staff are a part of the community. You are more than welcome to book your gay holiday with us. 



How do you contribute to the LGBT community?

We support the LGBTQ community at the BY14 hotel. Part of our staff is a part of the gay community.

When is the best time to come on a gay holiday?

Typically you can come whenever you want. There are many LGBT activities here in Tel Aviv. We do recommend coming when the Pride Parade is on, it's usually around June time.

Can I book a night at the BY14 if I am 18?

Unfortunately not. Our guests are 21 and above.

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