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Attractions In Tel Aviv: A Guide to the City’s Top Attractions from BY14 Hotel

Attractions In Tel Aviv: A Guide to the City’s Top Attractions from BY14 Hotel

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Welcome to Tel Aviv, a lively place found right along the coast of Israel’s big sea. Tel Aviv is a city that gives different things to see and do for people coming – from its strong local ways and past stories, all the way to what’s new right now. A great place to start your city trip is the BY14 Hotel, one of the best hotels in Tel Aviv. It’s a comfy and well-placed spot that makes it simple for you to get around and visit attractions in Tel Aviv. In this blog, we’ll look at some cool places in Tel Aviv you should see and how to get there from BY14 Hotel.


Historical Landmarks and Cultural Attractions In Tel Aviv

  • Jaffa Old Town: Filled with hundreds of years’ worth of history, Jaffa shows a view into the past through its very old harbor, twisting streets and places for digging up ancient things. It’s really close to the BY14 Hotel.
  • Carmel Market: If you want to see how the people here live, go to this busy market where you can find everything from new food items to handmade gifts. You can walk to it from the hotel.
  • Eretz Israel Museum: This big museum has displays about ancient things, local stories and art. It helps you know more about what life is like in Israel.
  • Bauhaus Center: Tel Aviv is famous for its Bauhaus building design, and this facility provides tours with a guide. They also have displays showing off this special style of architecture.
  • Independence Hall: If you love history, a place you must see is Independence Hall. This is where Israel said it was its own country in 1948.
  • Palmach Museum: A hands-on museum that lets guests see the story of Palmach, a top fighting group in Haganah. This was an undercover army during British rule times.

Keep in mind, all these places can be reached easily from BY14 Hotel, a beach hotel in Tel Aviv. This makes the hotel a great starting point for your trip to Tel Aviv.


The Beaches of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is known for its beautiful beaches, and the BY14 Hotel, a Tel Aviv hotel, offers easy access to several popular ones:

  • Gordon Beach: Gordon Beach, a very liked beach in Tel Aviv, is known for its lively feel. It has pure sand, many cafes by the beach and an exciting path along the sea. It’s a perfect place for getting sun, swimming and playing beach volleyball.
  • Banana Beach: Situated in the lower part of Tel Aviv, Banana Beach is well-known for its calm feel and beach parties on weekends. This is a great place to see the sun go down while having food outside.
  • Frishman Beach: Frishman Beach, which is very near the city center, is a top choice for people who live here. It gives beautiful sights of the boat dock and is a good spot to relax after spending all day looking around.
  • Metzitzim Beach: If you’re going on a trip with your family, I really suggest that you visit Metzitzim Beach. It’s a safe and fun place for children, with its quiet water and close play area.
  • Hilton Beach: Hilton Beach, which is often seen as Tel Aviv’s not-officially-named gay beach, greets everyone and has a place for all. It holds the big celebration of love each year called Pride Parade fest in this city. It’s a place to surf that many people know about.


Relaxing Parks and Green Spaces

For those seeking a more relaxed vibe, Tel Aviv also has a variety of parks and green spaces:

  • Yitzhak Rabin Park: This park is named after the fifth leader of Israel and gives a calm place away from the noise of the city. It has a pretty lake, big open spaces of grass, and many different types of plants and trees.
  • Hayarkon Park: Often seen as Tel Aviv’s version of New York’s Central Park, Hayarkon is the biggest park in Tel Aviv. It has many fun things to do, like an animal park, a plant garden, places for sports and even boats you can rent.
  • Gan Meir Park: Gan Meir is where you can find the Gay Center in our city and it’s a friendly place for everyone. It’s a perfect spot to unwind, enjoy some food outside or go for an easy walk.
  • Eretz Israel Museum Gardens: These gardens are found in the Eretz Israel Museum and give a peaceful place among all the busy parts of town. A wonderful spot to relax after you look at the museum.
  • Independence Park: Showing beautiful sights of the sea, Independence Park isn’t only a good place for rest but also to have a meal outdoors and see the sun go down.
  • Ganei Yehoshua: This big park has lots of things for the whole family to enjoy, like playgrounds and places where you can boat or bike. It’s a perfect place for spending the day in nature.



Tel Aviv is a city with many different things to see and do, and the BY14 Hotel, a Tel Aviv boutique hotel, is a great place from which you can start your adventures there. Whether you like history, art or just want to enjoy the beach and open places, there’s stuff for everyone. The easy-to-reach spot of BY14 Hotel makes it simple for you to get to all these attractions in Tel Aviv.  Don’t wait to make your room reservation at BY14 Hotel and see Tel Aviv in a new way!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some must-visit historical landmarks in Tel Aviv?

In Tel Aviv, you should definitely check out the old port city of Old Jaffa. It's popular for its history in religious books and lovely small streets. Neve Tzedek is also a must-see as one of the oldest parts in town with nicely fixed up houses on show to visitors like yourself. Lastly, don't miss Independence Hall. Also, the Bauhaus building style on Rothschild Boulevard shows the one-of-a-kind White City area of the city, which is a special place protected by UNESCO.

Which beaches in Tel Aviv do tourists and locals like the most?

In Tel Aviv, the most popular beaches among both tourists and locals include Gordon Beach, known for its vibrant atmosphere and amenities; Banana Beach, favored for its laid-back vibe and sunset views; and Frishman Beach, which is centrally located and perfect for families. Hilton Beach is also a favorite, especially for surfers and the LGBTQ community.

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