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How to Find Cool Hotels in Tel Aviv for the Ultimate Hip Experience

Tel Aviv Hotel Lobby - BY14

How to Find Cool Hotels in Tel Aviv for the Ultimate Hip Experience

Tel Aviv Hotel Lobby - BY14
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In the City That Never Sleeps, the BY14 Hotel is the perfect location to sample all the delights of Tel Aviv, whether you are craving the urban vibe or want to spend time on one of the many spectacular beaches. The relaxing atmosphere perfectly contrasts the city’s hustle and bustle with stylish rooms, a world-class restaurant, a gym and sauna. Whether your visit is for business, pleasure or a bit of both, tailor-make your stay in this stylish and sophisticated hotel right in the heart of Tel Aviv 

Not only is Tel Aviv one of the Middle East’s hippest destinations for a holiday or business stay, but travelers can choose to book one of the many cool boutique hotels in Tel Aviv for a truly authentic and memorable visit. 

A boutique hotel in Tel Aviv is the perfect choice for distinctive, individual and personal accommodation. Enjoy chic interiors, one-of-a-kind designs, attentive service and a real focus on regional culture. Choose from a selection of boutique hotels in Tel Aviv offering stylish décor, unique features and service and which pride themselves on delivering a flavor of this vibrant and colorful city.

There are different attractions and vibes across various neighborhoods in the city, plus amenities such as bike rentals, walking tours, and rooftop terraces for chilling out with a drink and a chance to admire the stunning cityscape and views of the ocean.

Experience real Tel Aviv with accommodation in one of the city’s cool hotels. Read our faithful guide on what’s on offer and how to find the best cool boutique hotel in Tel Aviv.


Design and Décor: What makes a hotel ‘cool’ in Tel Aviv?

A Tel Aviv boutique hotel offers the visitor something different from regular accommodation with a personalized and unique vibe drawn from the local neighborhood and reflected in the interior design and service offering. Experience the city’s unique vibe at trendy and cool hotels in Tel Aviv, but what makes a hotel ‘cool’ in Tel Aviv?

  • Tel Aviv’s boutique hotels are cool because they are all styled individually and absent the corporate feel of many more prominent hotels. Rooms are unique and distinctive, fashioned by local designers with a solid cultural vibe and distinctive décor and design
  • Friendly, personalized service is a hallmark of Tel Aviv’s boutique hotels. If you want to connect with the people in this city, then a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv offers exceptional personal service with a warm welcome. These people are passionate about their city and want to share this with their guests
  • The neighborhood is a big influence, and some of the best boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are in the trendy areas of Neve Tzedek, which has a bohemian vibe, Rothschild Boulevard with its buzzing nightlife and an altogether louder experience, and Jaffa, which is the ancient port city and the origins of modern Tel Aviv
  • Don’t panic about budget. Tel Aviv boutique hotels range from mid to high-end, so there’s something for everyone. Some boutique hotels in Tel Aviv offer amenities like rooftop pools, spas and internationally accredited restaurants, but you don’t have to sign up for these. Choose a small hotel without these facilities where the atmosphere is cosy and the service more intimate and personable
  • Visitors can enjoy authentic local Israeli cuisine at a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv


Beyond the Room: Cool Amenities and Experiences at Tel Aviv’s Hippest Hotels

Tel Aviv offers a wide variety of city center hotels. Away from the Tel Aviv beaches, there is a range of Tel Aviv accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, but what lies beyond the room? Here’s why Tel Aviv is the capital of cool and one of the hippest locations in the Middle East.

  • Stroll down Shenkin Street or Rothschild Boulevard from your city center hotel and soak up the unique vibe and style of Tel Aviv; it’s vintage and hip all at the same time
  • Enjoy the distinctive and growing trend of street art, a colorful testament to this city’s freedom of expression, and a mix of bold statements and artistic images. There are even street tours with informed commentary on some of the most striking designs and murals in Tel Aviv. This is graffiti, and then some
  • Enjoy local Israeli menus at a hip café or bar. There are numerous locations dotted across the city
  • Embrace environmentally friendly values and healthy eating. Vegan culture is booming, with Tel Aviv boutique hotels embracing this essential element of the hipster lifestyle. There are a variety of vegan restaurants and eateries, and top of the list, the Neroli Health-Food Store, which also has a juice bar
  • The nightlife in Tel Aviv is legendary, with a massive range of nightclubs and bars around the city center hotels. Try The Minzar on Allenby Street. This old-school bar has a young crowd and a great vibe. If you love music, then visit Teder, which is both an outdoor bar and a radio station, a real hipster alternative to the commercial radio stations
  • Hit Jaffa for its famous flea market, and there are also many second-hand and vintage shops throughout Tel Aviv with plenty of book shops, antique bookstores and retro record shops. Chill with a coffee and some reading time. Fashionistas will love the vintage clothing shops, don’t miss Ahava Le Shnia

A boutique hotel is an ideal base to enjoy the real vibe of this hip and trendy city. There is a lot of this type of accommodation in Tel Aviv, so visitors can experience the genuine heart and culture of the city. If you are looking for one of the best cool hotels in Tel Aviv, then look no further than BY14, without a doubt, the coolest hotel in Tel Aviv and perfect for the leisure and business traveler. Call and book your Tel Aviv accommodation today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any cool hotels in Tel Aviv on a budget?

There are cool hotels in Tel Aviv to suit a range of budgets. If you lose the spa, rooftop pool and gym facilities and focus on the décor and design, then you’ll be able to find a unique and distinctive place to stay without breaking the bank. It’s still possible to experience the real Tel Aviv on a budget.

What is the coolest way to travel around Tel Aviv?

In Tel Aviv, the whole city lives on a bike. It avoids traffic congestion and parking problems and is definitely the hippest way to travel. Tel-O-Fun is a public bike-sharing project with around 150 stations in the city, making cycling accessible and affordable.

Where are the cool signature neighborhoods in Tel Aviv?

The cool signature neighborhoods in Tel Aviv are Florentin in the south of the city, characterized by its easy-going vibe and party night scene. Another hot spot is Neve Tzedek, the original neighbohood in the newly created city first built in 1887.

What is the best Street Tour in Tel Aviv?

One of the coolest walking tours is offered with Street Wise Hebrewfor, a tour which teaches Hebrew in the streets of Tel Aviv through graffiti, bumper stickers and street signs. This is a great way to get under the skin of the place and be the height of hip.

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