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How to Find the Best Tel Aviv Extended Stay Hotel for Your Visit

BY14 Hotel Lobby -Tel Aviv

How to Find the Best Tel Aviv Extended Stay Hotel for Your Visit

BY14 Hotel Lobby -Tel Aviv
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Experience the very best of Tel Aviv’s attractions and oceanside setting with an extended stay at the By14 hotel. The leading boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, the By14, has an unrivaled city-center location, a world-class restaurant, and a gym and sauna. Elegant, designer interiors foster a chic yet informal environment, the perfect Tel Aviv hotel for the business or leisure traveler looking for a more extended stay. A tranquil ambience and warm personal service create a welcoming and hospitable feel with a location that offers easy access to this cosmopolitan and vibrant city, plus Tel Aviv’s glorious Mediterranean coastline.


Tel Aviv welcomes all types of traveler, but the advantage of a Tel Aviv extended vacation is the opportunity to take a deep dive into this diverse and fascinating city. Whether you are a leisure traveler who wants to linger for a while or a business guest enjoying some well-earned downtime, Tel Aviv will tempt you into an extended stay.

A Tel Aviv extended stay allows time to focus on a particular feature like beach life, retail therapy, spa treatments or the heritage and culture of Israel’s second city. Rather than choose an apartment, pick one of the Tel Aviv beach hotels for an extended stay and enjoy the convenience of amenities and service when you want them.

Discover all the benefits of an extended vacation and make the best choice of Tel Aviv beach hotels for a truly memorable stay.


The Benefits of an Extended Stay in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a compact city, and an extended stay allows visitors to experience every nook and cranny of this cosmopolitan location. There is so much to see and do that a short trip just won’t do it justice.

  •   Take time to explore Tel Aviv’s culture and heritage with museum visits and guided tours
  •   Short holidays often don’t leave time to chill out and relax. An extended stay in a Tel Aviv hotel near the beach gives plenty of time for lazy, oceanside days where the most strenuous exercise is picking up a drink or a book
  •   Explore a variety of international cuisines with a massive array of restaurants, cafes, bars and bistros with plenty of time to try new venues and return to favorite haunts
  •   Tel Aviv is known as the city that never sleeps, but if you don’t want to party all night and sightsee during the day, an extended stay in Tel Aviv allows recovery time without the pressure of a packed itinerary
  •   Extended vacations allow the luxury of unstructured time where you can wander the pretty streets of this cosmopolitan city from the convenience of your Tel Aviv hotel and see where you end up
  •   The majority of Tel Aviv beach hotels offer extended stays with attractive rates for long-stay visitors, but there are lots of other options if you want to linger longer in the city, including a homestay with a Tel Aviv family, chic compact pods with basic accommodation and communal facilities, plus friendly hostels


Why the B14 is the Best Tel Aviv Extended Stay Hotel

A Tel Aviv hotel is ideal for a Tel Aviv extended vacation, and the By14 hotel is the best choice by far. Right at the heart of city life, the By14 also offers easy access to Tel Aviv’s beautiful shoreline and miles of golden sands with the gently lapping azure waters of the Mediterranean to soothe your soul. Whatever the length or reason for your stay, the By14 is the perfect choice for an extended vacation in Tel Aviv.

  •   Enjoy the peace of a luxury haven right in the center of Tel Aviv with easy access to all of the city’s main attractions and local culture
  •   Browse vintage shops and high-end retail outlets, museums and art galleries
  •   Relax in the tranquil ambience, a striking contrast to the hustle and bustle of some of Tel Aviv’s busy commercial hotels and offering a more personalized and apartment feel for long-stay guests
  •   All the amenities are right there if you don’t want to leave the building, including a gym, a sauna, a lobby lounge for business or leisure, a restaurant and a secret terrace, the perfect location to chill out with a drink or socialize
  •   Enjoy the comfort and familiarity of your own accommodation with elegant, designer interiors that are luxurious, stylish and restful
  •   Reception support is 24/7 and multilingual, and staff are on hand to help with dry cleaning, laundry services, ticket reservations and car hire
  •   Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel for work and play

 The perfect Tel Aviv hotel choice for extended-stay travelers, the By14 is ideally located for beachgoers, city culture vultures, retail addicts and food lovers. Luxury designer interiors blend with warm, genuine service, which is comfortable and never invasive, the perfect base for all kinds of visitors who want to stay awhile. Make your reservation at the By14 today, the ideal choice for an extended vacation in Tel Aviv and the quintessential Israeli experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend my stay once I have checked in to my Tel Aviv beach hotel?

If the hotel is busy, you may find that another guest has already booked your room, and the only option may be to move rooms if there is space or move out entirely to another hotel. If your plans permit, it’s always better to have a clear idea of how long you want to stay.

Can I get cheaper rates for an extended stay at hotels in Tel Aviv?

The answer to this depends on the individual Tel Aviv hotel. Some are more accommodating than others about offering long-stay discounts, and it can depend on the season and booking occupancy rates.

What are the transport options like in Tel Aviv?

A lot of the city is within reach on foot. If you want to venture further afield, there is a comprehensive and reliable bus service, readily available taxis and a public bike service with around 150 bike hubs around the city. Some hotels have their own bikes for guest usage.

Does the city shut down on Shabat Day?

Bars and restaurants tend to close during the day but reopen late afternoon on Saturday or Shabat Day. Public transport does not run, but you can still get around the city by taxi or use the public bike service.


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