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Visit the Tel Aviv Diamond District on Your Vacation with A Special Tour

tel aviv night life

Visit the Tel Aviv Diamond District on Your Vacation with A Special Tour

tel aviv night life
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The By14 hotel is one of the premier Tel Aviv hotels offering luxurious and chic accommodation, the perfect complement to a Tel Aviv beach vacation or an urban break in this stylish and vibrant city. Ideally located with stunning views over the Mediterranean, this Tel Aviv hotel is just a short walk from miles of glorious coastline or the metropolitan delights of this cosmopolitan city. The world-famous Tel Aviv nightlife is within easy reach. Enjoy elegant interiors and amenities catering to all sorts of guests, including those who only want bed and breakfast right through to those who need full service from their Tel Aviv hotel.


Tel Aviv is famous for many things, its location oceanside on the Mediterranean, the incredible Tel Aviv nightlife – not for nothing is this place called the city that never sleeps – and its status as one of the leading gay holiday destinations in Europe. Gay holidays in Tel Aviv are world-renowned, but lots of people just come to Tel Aviv for a regular beach vacation.

This stunning seaside city sits right on the Mediterranean and offers luxury shopping and international dining, as well as local cuisine, culture, history, and exciting architecture. However, what many people don’t know about Tel Aviv is that it is also home to the most prominent diamond trading exchanges in the world.

Find out all about Tel Aviv’s diamond district and why it should be on your visit list when you holiday in Tel Aviv.


What is Tel Aviv’s Diamond District?

Also called the Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange or the ‘Bursa’, here are some key features of this exciting and unusual location.

  •   The Bursa is the biggest diamond trading complex in the world
  •   Within the complex, there are more than 1,500 trading companies, with over 15,000 people working there
  •   On average, between 45%-50% of the global diamond market passes through Tel Aviv’s diamond district
  •   Diamonds to the value of $ 5 billion are exported annually
  •   Unsurprisingly, the Diamond Exchange is one of the most secure locations in Tel Aviv and sometimes called the ‘Fort Knox’ of Israel
  •   The diamond industry in Tel Aviv is important both for Israel and the wholesale diamond industry worldwide. In 2016, cut diamonds accounted for just over 23% of Israel’s total exports and around 12% of the world’s overall production


Why visit the Diamond District on your Tel Aviv Beach Vacation?

Tel Aviv has a genuine reputation for stylish living, high-end retail, fabulous restaurants and bistros and a night life and party scene without equal. However, many visitors don’t even know about the Diamond District and wouldn’t think to add it to their Tel Aviv beach vacation itinerary or city excursions.

Here’s why the Tel Aviv Diamond District is worth a visit, along with some handy hints to enhance the experience.

  •   If you are planning a romantic Tel Aviv beach vacation, the Diamond District is the perfect place to pop the question and choose a stone for the engagement ring. Enjoy personalized service with an industry expert with competitive pricing closer to wholesale than retail. Buyers can also obtain plenty of information about the stone’s origins, including accessing certified conflict-free diamonds
  •   Visitors who don’t want to buy can enjoy informative insider tours of the trading floors, commercial halls and polishing workshops. Immerse yourself in all things diamond and marvel at the technology, security and magnificent array of beautiful gemstones
  •   Unsurprisingly, security is watertight, and each visitor should expect to go through a rigorous process of searches and questions. It’s essential to take a valid passport to gain entry too
  •   A Diamond Exchange tour is a great day out, a break from the sun’s intense heat and the perfect indoor option in bad weather. The tours are family-friendly and suitable for children of all ages
  •   Diamond Exchange tours are flexible and can be arranged privately by Tel Aviv hotels to suit different schedules. Each tour lasts between two and three hours

Tel Aviv is a destination of luxury and opulence, and never is this more clearly demonstrated than in the city’s hidden gem, the Diamond District. Whatever type of vacation you are planning in Tel Aviv, choose the leading urban Tel Aviv hotel, the By14, with easy access to all the city’s attractions and the oceanside just a stroll away. Call today to make your reservation and pick a shining jewel amongst Tel Aviv hotels for your vacation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Diamond District in Tel Aviv?

The Diamond Exchange is located in Ramat Gan, a major commercial center. At the heart of the area are four buildings connected by bridges, the Maccabi Tower, Shimson Tower, Noam Tower and Diamond Tower. Tel Aviv’s central railway station connects to the district via a pedestrian bridge.

Are there hotels in the Diamond District in Tel Aviv?

The Diamond Exchange is located in a commercial district, but there are some hotels in this part of Tel Aviv, like the Sheraton City Tower. Ask your Tel Aviv hotel if they can arrange a tour of the Diamond Exchange. There are set tours, or you can make a private arrangement.

If I purchase a diamond, will my Tel Aviv hotel have a safe?

Most Tel Aviv hotels have a safe for guests’ valuables. However, if you plan to buy a gemstone from the Diamond Exchange, you should discuss security and transit with the diamond trader, as there are different shipping options. It’s advisable to arrange insurance for the stone at the point of purchase.

When is International Diamond Week in Tel Aviv?

International Diamond Week is at the end of March. It is a fest of all things diamonds, with conferences and exhibitions to showcase the significance of the diamond industry in Israel. Ask your Tel Aviv hotel about special events or booking a tour. Tours generally last two to three hours, and you can dine in the Diamond Exchange.

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