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A Traveller’s Guide to the best Tel Aviv vacation

best Tel Aviv vacation

A Traveller’s Guide to the best Tel Aviv vacation

best Tel Aviv vacation
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When catching a flight to Israel, you will fly over the famous Tel Aviv coastline where you will see the beauty of the beaches from above.

In the area of the former port city of Jaffa, Tel Aviv was first established as a Jewish neighborhood before merging with it. It serves as the hub for the more than twelve settlements that Tel Aviv is surrounded by. In actuality, it is a seaside metropolis.

The second-largest city in Israel, Tel Aviv, is a popular destination for both visitors and residents. Jerusalem is approximately 60 kilometers away from the city, which is located near the airport. It is simple to travel the nation when residing in Tel Aviv. However, there are so many things to do in the city that it is debatable if you should leave. This is why we are going to help you plan your vacation in Tel Aviv. 

Tel Aviv is administratively split into nine districts, however, locals and visitors refer to these areas by their historically recognized names. As a result, no one keeps distinct regional boundaries.


The historically accepted names for Tel Aviv’s districts are:

  1. Neve Tzedek
  2. Florentine
  3. Jaffa
  4. Old North
  5. The Triangle
  6. Old Jaffa Port
  7. Central Tel Aviv (aka White City)
  8. The Bauhaus District (aka Center District)
  9. Tel Aviv South (aka Kerem HaTeimanim).

The city is renowned for its delectable cuisine, beautiful beaches with golden sand, intriguing culture, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and legendary nightlife.

Going on vacation in Tel Aviv is something that all kinds of tourists do because of its vibrant pulse that never stops pounding.

It’s impossible to put into words the feeling that permeates the city. It has to do with the reality that Tel Aviv boasts some extremely amazing beaches and has sunny days nearly all-year round. 

Yes, beach life is an essential component of Tel Aviv’s character, and it appears that the residents truly know how to make the most of it and enjoy themselves.


Places you have to visit on your Vacation in Tel Aviv


Old Jaffa

The oldest city, Jaffa, is highly visited by tourists (south of the city). As one of the earliest human settlements in the world, people have always lived here and have replaced one civilization after another.

From the promenade, it is simple to access and it is advised to travel to Jaffa, where you can discover a variety of affordable marketplaces (including a flea and food market), several cafés, restaurants, bars and art galleries.

Of course, we’ll also advise you to spend at least one night there so you may explore all of its facets.


Tour of Jaffa and Tel Aviv

You may take a guided tour to learn more about Tel Aviv and Jaffa’s art, history, culture and cuisine if you’re pressed for time or want to know more.


Neve Tzedek

The first Jewish neighborhood in the city from which Tel Aviv emerged historically (second part of the 19th century). It is now a modestly sized neighborhood with low buildings, boutiques, and cafés. It includes the renovated dancing studio and train station of Suzanne Dellal.


The White City

White City is a neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was built in the 1930s and 1940s, based on the principles of modernism and the Bauhaus school of architecture. It is known for its white-painted stone buildings with rounded corners and an emphasis on functionality and simplicity. The area consists of about 4,000 buildings, including public housing complexes, private homes, schools and community centers. Most of the buildings have rooftop gardens or terraces, as well as columns at their entrances to provide shade from the sun. In 2003, White City was added to the Unesco World Heritage Site for its unique blend of modernist architecture and Mediterranean flavor.


Ramat Aviv

In the northern port district, tourists can explore the remains of the city’s old Turkish port and enjoy a stroll along the newly renovated boardwalk, which offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The Tel Aviv University campus, home to one of Israel’s leading universities, is an open-air museum with modern sculptures and architecture. In the Taman area, visitors can explore the vibrant markets and street art that adorn its buildings. There are also numerous clubs and sports venues located in this part of town as well as plenty of classical restaurants and cafes.

All of these places should be a part of your Tel Aviv vacation and a part of your travel itinerary. 


A place to stay on your Vacation in Tel Aviv

If you’re looking for a place to stay on your vacation in Tel Aviv, there is a broad range of lodging choices, from inexpensive campgrounds and hostels to opulent five-star hotels.

Budget travelers can find basic, comfortable accommodations in the city’s many hostels. Hostels offer communal sleeping arrangements and often provide free Wi-Fi, a shared kitchen, and basic toiletries. Most hostels provide services such as bike rentals, tours and excursions, and laundry facilities.

For those looking for more luxurious accommodations, Tel Aviv offers a wide range of luxury hotels with amenities like spa services, fitness centers, business lounges, rooftop bars and fine dining. Many of these hotels are situated in the heart of the city near the beachfront or other attractions. Hotels also provide extras like room service and concierge services to help make your stay more convenient and enjoyable.


The BY14 Hotel

BY14 is the ideal option for both tourists and business visitors to get the full experience of the spirit of Tel Aviv. A quintessential Tel Aviv location at 14 Ben Yehuda Street, the hotel, which was newly rebuilt with a sophisticated and appealing style, is only 5 minute’s walk from the coastline and promenade, top restaurants and cafés, and everything worth visiting and doing in Tel Aviv.

We cordially encourage you to reserve a stay at the BY14 hotel in Tel Aviv at a competitive rate.

There are 108 rooms in this Tel Aviv hotel, each of which has a distinctive style. Be sure to enjoy Tel Aviv the true way.


Use Our Travel Guide for your Vacation in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv Promenade

The Promenade in Tel Aviv connects Tel Aviv Port in the north with Jaffa Port in the south. It is also known as the “Tayelet” in Hebrew.

Although there are over six kilometers between these two ports, the hike is certainly worth it. One of the nicest spots to visit in Tel Aviv is the beachfront.

The Tel Aviv Promenade is well-liked by runners, pedestrians, families with children, and wheelchair users.

It’s great to stroll down the coast, but remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

By the way, if you want to keep in shape and be active while abroad, Tel Aviv’s promenade is fantastic for jogging, cycling and exercising, and the nearby beaches are ideal for water sports.

Be sure to watch your step because the promenade is also popular with bikers, scooter riders, and rollerbladers.


Food Guide and Restaurants for your vacation in Tel Aviv

You will notice that a big part of your vacation in Tel Aviv includes tasting the local cuisine. The residents claim that Tel Aviv has a vast range of dishes from many cultures. Middle Eastern, Asian, Eastern European, French, Russian, and American cuisine restaurants may be found here.

In Tel Aviv, vegetarian and vegan food is particularly well-liked. In this area, there are a lot of seafood eateries. But bear in mind that seafood meals are mostly for visitors as the majority of Israelis “keep kosher”.

It is advised to visit the little cafe “Abu-Hassan” on Dolphin street in Jaffa for the finest hummus. Visit one of the classic eateries in Jaffa’s old city to experience Israel’s distinct rhythm.

Eating here becomes a special experience because of how welcoming and lively the places are. Our top recommendation from the broad menu is to try the regional carpaccio.

Also recommended for meat eaters is a beef steak (average price NIS 120-150). The restrictions that Kosher guidelines place on the Israeli restaurant meals encourage the development of novel and uncommon dishes. As a result, 80 percent of Israeli food is unique to this country.

We advise looking for inexpensive falafel stalls for individuals who wish to save on meal costs and experience local cuisine. A lunch there costs just 40–50 NIS, while the “falafel”—deep-fried balls of chopped chickpeas—costs 15–30 NIS.

For foodies and aficionados, full-service cafés and restaurants are appropriate. Here, prices vary. Dinner at the renowned Catit restaurant in Tel Aviv will cost 500–1200 NIS, while lunch at the Mantaray restaurant, known for its superb meat and poultry meals, will cost 120–190 NIS.

Fresh croissants and rolls are available from nearby bakeries and Tel Aviv’s streets are lined with cafés serving classic Italian kinds of pasta and other European cuisines. The costs range from 60 to 150 NIS on average.

In Tel Aviv and throughout Israel, it is common-place to give a 12% tip in restaurants and coffee shops. It is viewed as a sign of a visitor’s great disappointment when you do not leave a tip.


A Vacation in Tel Aviv with Kids

If you’re on vacation in Tel Aviv with your kids, we just want to let you know that the tourist city caters to youngsters. Every possible water activity may be found in the Meymadion water park, which also has a unique children’s town.

HaYarkon, a sizable park for families, is a great location for sporting events, outings, picnics, football, basketball, mini golf, trampolines, wall climbing, and kayaking. In addition, there is a small zoo, a garden of rocks and cacti, a tropical conservatory, and a bird sanctuary in the park. Here in Tel Aviv, the Yarkon park is like New York Central Park.

The Ramat Gan zoo facility is absolutely worth seeing. Ostriches, zebras, elephants, giraffes and hippos that stroll right next to your vehicle are among the animals that wander peacefully in the park’s center.

The renowned children’s museum is located in the Tel Aviv neighborhood of Gush Dan, in the city of Holon. Here, you may spend time with your kids and they could learn something new.


Shopping on your Vacation in Tel Aviv

Even for the atmosphere alone, urban marketplaces are worthwhile to visit. The Old Jaffa flea market is well-known across the globe; it comprises a number of streets and nearby stores, including second hand ones.

Real vintage and antiques with a history of several owners are available there, including tools, coins and women’s jewelry. The most important thing is to remember to barter. Another nearby market, “Shuk Ha’Carmel,” in the Kerem Hateimanim neighborhood, is a bustling tourist destination that resembles an oriental bazaar.

The Carmel market offers spices and souvenirs at lower prices than other shops. The suppliers are prepared to cut the price since the residents prefer to purchase on Friday morning before Shabbat and they don’t want to leave fresh products until Sunday.

The majority of shopping has shifted from main roads to malls with the introduction of shopping complexes. The Gan Ha’ir shopping complex stands out for having more luxury stores per sq meter than any other mall in Israel, making it one of the most opulent malls in the world.

The city’s main shopping districts include Shenkin with little boutiques and souvenir stores, next to the Carmel Market), Allenby Street, Nachalat Binyamin with its art stalls and Dizengoff, which is home to local designer stores.


Beautiful Beaches in Tel Aviv

With thirteen beaches in Tel Aviv, we believe that everyone will be able to locate their ideal beach.

The fourteen-kilometer-long coastline between Herzliya and Bat Yam has some of the world’s best beaches, including Gordon, Hilton, Jerusalem, and Bograshov Beach.

To truly see Tel Aviv’s beaches, you would need to spend at least a few days travelling, although the central ones are lovely and more than adequate.

Simply said, the beautiful sandy streaks that border the city won’t let you down if you enjoy urban beaches.

Along with having sandy surfaces, the neighborhood beaches also offer lifeguards, playgrounds, free outdoor gym equipment, volleyball courts, ice cream sellers, and beach bars.

By the way, Tel Aviv’s beaches face west, so plan to be there right before sunset.

One of the nicest moments to have in Tel Aviv is watching the sunset behind the Mediterranean Sea’s skyline while relaxing on a sandy beach. The nicest thing about Tel Aviv’s beaches is that, although occasionally busy in some areas, you can always find a spot with only just a few people nearby.

Remember that Tel Aviv’s beaches are complimentary, which is excellent if you’re traveling to Israel on a tight budget. In Tel Aviv, there are three beaches that are significantly different from one another.

Hilton Beach welcomes the LGBTQ community,  and Dog Beach is undoubtedly a dog-friendly beach and Nordau Beach is a gender-segregated beach for religious people.


5 must-do things on your Vacation in Tel Aviv

  • We urge you to attend an open concert in addition to taking a stroll through Old Jaffa.
  • Take in the rural lifestyle, but go on a trip to the zoo in Ramat Gan. Only there can you get such a close-up view of wild creatures.
  • Visit the city’s massive park, HaYarkon. During the summer-time, you can go for a short and romantic boat ride on the river. Alternatively, you may relax on a sunbed on Rothschild Boulevard.
  • Take a journey to Caesarea National Park from the contemporary metropolis. After a quick 45-minute trip, the Roman amphitheater will be in front of you.
  • Along the promenade, you’ll catch the dawn or the sunset.



How long do I need to spend in Tel Aviv on my Vacation?

In around three days, you can thoroughly experience Tel Aviv. Even two days or a weekend can do if you're only visiting for a short period of time. However, we believe you will benefit from spending more time in Tel Aviv if you have the time.

Will I be able to walk around on my vacation in Tel Aviv?

Discovering Tel Aviv, one of Israel’s most walkable cities, by foot is highly recommended. You can also take one of the city's walking tours.

What should I know before booking my vacation in Tel Aviv?

- Electrical adapters are a must-have.
- Be prepared and dress modestly (depending on the neighborhood).
- At the airport, be ready to undergo a formal interview.
- When you obtain a paper visa or paperwork at the airport, save it securely.
- Prepare yourself for Sabbath hours. (Friday before sunset until Saturday after sunset)
- Utilize the several Monit Sheruts that are accessible.

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