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Why a Tel Aviv Center Hotel is the Best Choice for your Vacation or Business Trip

BY14 Hotel Junior Suite Room

Why a Tel Aviv Center Hotel is the Best Choice for your Vacation or Business Trip

BY14 Hotel Junior Suite Room
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The BY14 Hotel in central Tel Aviv is the perfect location to enjoy all the delights this vibrant Israeli city offers, whether you are a business traveler or a holidaymaker. There’s easy access to world-class shopping and cultural and historic sites, and a leisurely 5-minute stroll brings you to the ocean, with ten miles of glorious Mediterranean coastline. Not just a conveniently located base, the BY14 offers luxurious hospitality with chic interiors, an international restaurant and both a gym and sauna. A peaceful and tranquil retreat away from the buzz of the city, enjoy pure sophisticated luxury with an ambience to complement any trip.

Experience the beating heart of Tel Aviv and stay in a Tel Aviv hotel in the center of the second biggest city in Israel, the ultimate way to soak up the colorful atmosphere, stroll the boulevards, dine in style, or just people watch from your hotel balcony.

Tel Aviv offers style, culture, and fine dining, easily equating with any European city but with the convenience of an environment small enough to walk around and a lower footfall compared to other tourist hotspots. The hotels in Tel Aviv’s city center offer good access to all areas of this fascinating destination, so you won’t have to miss out on a thing.

Browse chic, luxury retail outlets, dine at stylish world-class restaurants and local artisan cafes, soak up culture and history or enjoy some time out on one of Tel Aviv’s sixteen stunning beaches. Find out how the smart people explore Tel Aviv and read our tips for finding the Tel Aviv center hotel for your vacation.


Tel Aviv Center Hotels are a Great Choice for Visitors

Hotels in the center of Tel Aviv provide a flexible base for navigating the city, allowing you to tailor an itinerary to suit your holiday wish list perfectly.

  • Enjoy local cafes, luxury restaurants with international cuisine and the buzz of a truly vibrant nightlife right outside your door
  • Hotels in the center of Tel Aviv tend to be smaller than those oceanside and focus on boutique style and designer interiors, emphasising the quality of experience
  • Because Tel Aviv center hotels are more intimate, the service is often personable compared to some of the larger oceanside resorts 
  • Access all of the city’s cultural hot spots with numerous museums and galleries, plus one of the most renowned modern art collections in the world from hotels in the center of Tel Aviv
  • Tel Aviv is a small city, so you’re never more than ten or fifteen minutes away by taxi from all the main locations in the different districts, including the beach, so a city center Tel Aviv hotel doesn’t need to cut you off from the ocean
  • For location and convenience, a city center hotel in Tel Aviv ticks all the boxes whether you are planning a family holiday, a romantic break for two, a culinary adventure or a deep dive into Israeli history and culture


Tips for Choosing the Right City-Center Hotel in Tel Aviv

The key to choosing the right hotel in Tel Aviv’s centre is balancing price, location and amenities. You may spend your entire day and evening away from your accommodation, so a crash pad could be all you need. Perhaps luxury accommodation and contemporary design are at the top of your tick list. City-center hotels in Tel Aviv offer something for everyone with accommodation in Tel Aviv to suit all kinds of travel plans and budgets. 

Use this checklist to sort out what’s important to you and narrow down your top hotels.

  • If you’re interested in sightseeing and culture and plan to dine out and party till late, choose a Tel Aviv center hotel without a swimming pool, gym or in-house restaurant. If you literally just want accommodation, then there’s no point paying for amenities you won’t use
  • One of the most popular areas in Tel Aviv is White City which is positioned around Allenby Street and Rothschild Boulevard and is famous for its Bauhaus architecture. This is Tel Aviv’s culinary and cultural capital and a real hub for the best of Tel Aviv nightlife, with some world-class hotels offering some of the best accommodation in Tel Aviv
  • If you want a city-center hotel in Tel Aviv that is just a little bit different, then choose one of the many fashionable boutique hotels which have developed from renovated historic buildings in the White City district – these offer premium Tel Aviv accommodation that is both luxurious and unique
  • Some city-center hotels in Tel Aviv major in art and design – this is the complete opposite of functional accommodation
  • Choose a hotel with a free bike service for guests. This is a great way to see the city sights and is convenient too
  • Just a short distance from the center of Tel Aviv is Jaffa, the oldest part of the city, where the vibe is historical and cultural and the atmosphere seductive. There is a famous flea market and a plethora of galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants, with an increasing number of luxury and boutique hotels 

A Tel Aviv center hotel is the ideal way to sample the delights of this historic and vibrant city, whether your focus is dining, nightlife or just relaxation. If you want to bag yourself the finest Tel Aviv Center hotel, then book the BY14 offering the best of Tel Aviv’s city delights and attractions, with facilities and amenities to suit all types of travelers, plus easy access to the Mediterranean. Call today and book the perfect partner for your Tel Aviv visit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best areas to stay in Tel Aviv for nightlife, bars and clubs?

If you come to life after 6 pm, choosing a Tel Aviv hotel with good access to the vibrant club and party scene the city has to offer is bound to be a top priority. Pick a location with good access to Rothschild Boulevard and Levontin. This is the heart of Tel Aviv’s nightlife.

Why do amenities vary at Tel Aviv center hotels?

Tel Aviv has a regular footfall of leisure and business travelers, so the hotels vary greatly. Some visitors don’t want to leave the close confines of central Tel Aviv, so a rooftop pool and in-house restaurant are essential. Other guests want to mix business with pleasure, and hotels like BY14 accommodate this with ease. For other people, their Tel Aviv hotel is literally where they rest their heads.

I’m staying in a Tel Aviv center hotel and want to travel to a different area, are there convenient transport options available?

There is a good and extensive bus service in Tel Aviv, an efficient taxi service and a public bike service supplemented by private bikes, a service some hotels provide. If you intend to use public transport quite a lot, then buy a Rav-Kav card which is a Smart card for the train and bus. This is the only type of payment accepted on the bus network in Tel Aviv.

Is there any public transport in Tel Aviv on Shabat Day?

Public transport does not run in Tel Aviv on Saturday or Shabat Day as this is the Sabbath. However, taxis are still available and the public bike service.

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