Accessibility statement

We make every effort to ensure the accessibility of the chain’s hotels to all types of disabilities.
For your convenience, the accessibility arrangements at your service at the Savoy Tel Aviv Hotel are listed
Disabled parking
There are 2 disabled parking spaces in the hotel parking lot.
Main entrance to the hotel
Entrance door space 240 cm
Public Disabled Services
The toilets are on the 1st floor
The floor can be reached by using the hotel lift
Width of the door opening – 88 cm
There is a folding handhold
Door opens in the direction – pull
The hotel has an adapted and lowered reception desk
Width of entrance door to elevators – 90 cm
Elevator size – 122 cm by 110 cm
There is a voice announcement
The elevator buttons are highlighted and include Braille.
Dining Room
There is an accessible way to the dining room through the hotel lifts
Sideboard height for self-serving – 90 cm
The staff is instructed to assist in the request of a guest with a disability and to provide service to the customer despite the self-service that is customary at the place
extra services
Smoking area – located near the hotel lobby
At the request of a guest who arrives to stay at the hotel, a disabled person is entitled to free parking for the duration of the stay
At the request of a guest, guests with visual impairments are accompanied and assisted
At the request of a guest, disabled parking can be reserved for a guest arriving in a vehicle carrying a disabled sign
Disabled rooms at the hotel
Note – All the company’s hotels provide a service that provides a suitcase with hearing aid kits for use in the guest rooms
Room 702
The distance from the elevators is about 7 meters
Room 602

The distance from the elevators is about 7 meters